Is the Lavish Comforts SleepCool+ the best travel blanket ever? 

Ah, the nostalgia of air travel. Remember when airlines provided headphones for the in-flight movie, served meals with real silverware, and handed out cozy blankets? Those were the days. But let's not dwell on the past too much, because air travel has evolved for the better. Cheaper tickets, more flights to exotic destinations, and the convenience of reaching your destination without enduring those endless hours on the road. However, if there's one thing I do miss from the golden age of air travel, it's the trusty travel blanket. The sight of the stewardess walking down the aisle with a stack of blankets ready to hand out was always a comforting one. Whether you used it to keep warm or fashioned it into a makeshift pillow, those blankets were a staple of the flying experience. Oh, how times have changed. 

I hadn't thought about travel blankets until an experience on a recent flight with my wife. When her gigantic 54-pound suitcase was hefted onto the travel scale the attendant said “you need to get rid of 4 pounds”. My wife quickly opened the suitcase and removed a small bag, the attendant looked at the scale then moved the suitcase to the conveyor.   What did you take out, I asked? It's a cooling comforter she said.  She put the small tote that held the blanket over her shoulder, and we proceeded to our gate. 

When we boarded the plane, it was warm from sitting on the tarmac in the warm sun. I settled into my seat, I fastened my seatbelt and turned to my wife, "Let me try that cooling comforter," I said. I pulled it out of the bag, draped it over myself, instantly feeling its cool touch against my skin. The weight was just right, providing comfort without feeling too heavy. The droning noise of the airplane engines drowned out the chatter of my fellow passengers as the cool, comfortable blanket lulled me to sleep. Upon waking, I found the airplane had cooled, but the blanket still felt good, keeping me warm without overheating me. 

Carrying a blanket when you fly on an airplane can be a great choice for several reasons. It can provide warmth and comfort especially if you are susceptible to changes in temperature. For children, sitting still for hours can be challenging, and having a blanket can make them feel cozy and secure. Carrying a SleepCool+ cooling comforter is a great idea for anyone traveling by air. It's cool to the touch, which can be refreshing in a warm cabin, and it can also keep you from feeling the chill of the blowing air. Overall, having a travel blanket like the SleepCool+ can make your flight more enjoyable and comfortable. 

The SleepCool+ cooling comforter from Lavish Comforts in my opinion is the perfect Travel blanket. It is high quality and feels silky smooth to the touch. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your travel experience with the SleepCool+ luxury cooling comforter.  

Visit Lavish Comforts to discover this incredible cooling comforter for yourself. Travel in style and comfort with the ultimate travel essential – the best travel blanket I have ever used. 

Jeffrey Robinson